Freestyle Libre: available on the NHS?


  • Thomas SJ Crabtree Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Derby, UK
  • Thozhukat Sathyapalan Academic Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Hull York Medical School, University of Hull.
  • Emma Wilmot Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Derby, UK



flash glucose monitoring, FreeStyle Libre, type 1 diabetes, interstitial glucose monitoring, funding, reimbursement


In 2017 the FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitor became available on the NHS Drug Tariff. Clinicians and funders across the UK have had to debate where this device sits in the care of people with diabetes. While some would argue that this device is a replacement for self-monitoring of blood glucose and should therefore be widely available for those who may benefit, the financial climate in the NHS has demanded a more conservative approach. This article considers the current evidence to support the use of the FreeStyle Libre, its position in current and future care pathways and gaps in available evidence.

Author Biographies

Thomas SJ Crabtree, Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Derby, UK

ST3 Endocrinology & Diabetes mellitus

Emma Wilmot, Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Derby, UK

Consultant Diabetologist


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