The best hypoglycaemia avoidance initiative in the UK


  • Umesh Dashora Diabetes and Endocrine Centre, Conquest Hospital, Hastings, UK
  • Mike Sampson Elsie Bertram Diabetes Centre, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust, Norwich, UK
  • Erwin Castro Diabetes and Endocrine Centre, Conquest Hospital, Hastings, UK
  • Debbie Stanisstreet Lister Hospital, Hertfordshire, UK
  • Rowan Hillson Former National Clinical Director for Diabetes, Department of Health, UK
  • On Behalf Of Joint British Diabetes Societies For Inpatient Care



hypoglycaemia, avoidance, initiative, UK, insulin


Introduction: The annual National Diabetes Inpatient Audit (NaDIA) in the UK continues to show a high incidence of hypoglycaemia in people with diabetes admitted to hospital. It is clear that initiatives are urgently required to address this risk.

Methods: The Joint British Diabetes Societies for Inpatient Care (JBDS-IP) organised the second national Rowan Hillson Insulin Safety Award on the theme of the best hypoglycaemia avoidance initiative in the country.

Results: The Ipswich Hospital diabetes team won the award for their innovative scheme to identify patients likely to develop hypoglycaemia through network meters and prevent the risk. The Royal Cornwall Hospital diabetes team came second, securing an award for their simulation project to educate the ward staff in managing hypoglycaemia and preventing re-occurrence. There were five other high quality entries to the competition with innovations that have the potential to reduce hypoglycaemia nationally.

Conclusions: These and similar schemes need to be developed, promoted and shared to reduce hypoglycaemia in hospitalised patients with diabetes.


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The Rowan Hillson Insulin Safety Award

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