British Journal of Diabetes

June 2020 VOLUME 21 ISSUE 1


Can we find out if COVID-19 causes diabetes?

Philip Home ... PDF HTML; 1-2


A perspective piece on Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) programmes for under-represented groups with T2DM in the UK

Michelle Hadjiconstantinou, Lauren M Quinn, Frances Tippins, Sally Schreder, Kamlesh Khunti, Melanie J Davies ... PDF HTML; 3-10

Identifying the need for simplification of type 2 diabetes mellitus treatment in residents of aged-care facilities: a meta-analysis and systematic review of the literature

Lowri Hughes Thomas, Philip MS Evans, Atul Kalhan... PDF HTML; 11-19

Pharmacotherapy for weight loss in adults with type 2 diabetes: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials

Claudia Coelho, Rachel Agius, James Crane, Barbara McGowan... PDF HTML; 20-29

A systematic review and meta-analysis of the impact of GLP-1 receptor agonists and SGLT-2 inhibitors on cardiovascular outcomes in biologically healthy older adults

William D Strain, Jonathan Griffiths... PDF HTML; 30-35

Fear of hypoglycaemia in paediatric diabetes: a literature review

Abiramy Fernando, Vinod Patel... PDF HTML; 36-42

A systematic review of parents’ experiences of raising a child with type 1 diabetes

Saffron Simpson, Paul Hanna, Christina J Jones... PDF HTML; 43-58

Original Research

The role of remnant bone microbiological cultures in managing diabetic foot osteomyelitis

Devangi Ketankumar Madani, Mujahid Ahmad Saeed, Alok Tiwari, Miruna Delia David... PDF HTML; 59-61

Effect of empagliflozin on albuminuria, eGFR and serum creatinine: updated results from the ABCD nationwide empagliflozin audit

Thomas SJ Crabtree, Alex Bickerton, Jackie Elliott, Rajeev Raghavan, Dennis Barnes, Siva Sivappriyan, Suzanne Phillips, Alison Evans, Devesh Sennik, Anurita Rohilla, Ian Gallen, Robert EJ Ryder, ABCD Empagliflozin Audit Contributors... PDF HTML; 62-66

A service evaluation of the impact of adoption of JBDS guidelines for the management of glucose during labour and birth in women with diabetes

Umesh Dashora, Suhail Ahmed, Irene Bossman, Ko Ko Aung, Erwin Castro, Pariasamy Sathiskumar... PDF HTML; 67-75

The United Kingdom’s first NHS EndoBarrier service for long-standing poorly controlled type 2 diabetes and obesity: outcomes one year after EndoBarrier removal

Robert E J Ryder, Mahi Yadagiri, Wyn Burbridge, Susan P Irwin, Hardeep Gandhi, Tahira Bashir, Rachael A Allden, Melanie Wyres, Melissa Cull, John P Bleasdale, Edward N Fogden, Mark R Anderson, Piya Sen Gupta... PDF HTML; 76-83

Learning from practice

HbA1c and hypoglycaemia outcomes for people with type 1 diabetes due to the introduction of a single-day structured education programme and flash glucose monitoring

Gillian Garden, David W Hunt, Karen Mackie, Beverly Tuthill, Helen Griffith, David L Russell-Jones, Roselle Herring... PDF HTML; 84-88

Delivering joined-up care for people with type 2 diabetes: rationale, challenges and examples

Steve Bain, Alice Rickford, Neil Black, Lesley Hamilton, Elizabeth Camfield, Mark Chamley, Anna Hodgkinson, Janaka Karalliedde... PDF HTML; 89-95

An audit of people admitted to hospital with diabetes and coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2): data collection methods. The Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD) Nationwide Audit

Dinesh Nagi, Robert EJ Ryder, Yue Ruan, Benjamin CT Field, Parth Narendran, Rajiv Gandhi, Sophie Harris, Kinga A Várnai, Jim Davies, Sarah H Wild, Emma G Wilmot, Kamlesh Khunti, Rustam Rea... PDF HTML; 96-99

Current Topics

A year in diabetic nephropathy

Jovanna Tsoutsouki, Tahseen Ahmad Chowdhury... PDF HTML; 100-109

Series: Cardiovascular outcome trials for diabetes drugs Semaglutide and SUSTAIN-6

Miles Fisher... PDF HTML; 110-112

Series: Cardiovascular outcome trials for diabetes drugs Degludec and DEVOTE

Miles Fisher... PDF HTML; 113-115

Case Reports

Type 1 or type 2 diabetes: has the ship already sailed?

Amy E Morrison, Sing Yee Sim, Marie-France Kong, Rob Gregory... PDF HTML; 116-119


Liraglutide (Saxenda®) for the treatment of obesity: a commentary on NICE Technology Appraisal 664

Hassan Kahal, Kamrudeen Mohammed, Kathryn Lonnen, Thozhukat Sathyapalan, Chris Walton... PDF HTML; 120-122

Position Statements

ABCD position statement on risk stratification of adult patients with diabetes during COVID-19 pandemic

Dinesh Nagi, Emma Wilmot, Karissa Owen, Dipesh Patel, Lesley Mills, Gerry Rayman, Peter Winocour, Goher Ayman, Rohit Patel, Clare Hambling, Pratik Choudhary... PDF HTML; 123-131

Cardiovascular impact of new drugs (GLP-1 and gliflozins): the ABCD position statement

Ansu Basu, Dipesh Patel, Peter Winocour, Bob Ryder... PDF HTML; 132-148

The Rowan Hillson Insulin Safety Award

The Rowan Hillson Inpatient Safety Award 2019 for the best perioperative pathway for people with diabetes

Umesh Dashora, David Burckett-St.Laurent, Nicola Leech, Ketan Dhatariya, Mike Sampson, Erwin Castro, Rowan Hillson, Christine Jones... PDF HTML; 149-153

Letters to the editor

Glycaemic control does not appear to correlate with mortality from COVID-19

Eunice O Wiafe, Jagannath Gopalappa, Vijay Jayagopal... PDF HTML; 154-155

Re-audit of bedside glucose monitoring of inpatients on glucocorticoids: have we improved?

David Bawden, Ranu Baral, Smriti Gaur, Rebecca Rogers, Ketan Dhatariya... PDF HTML; 156-157

Fixed-dose combination: beware of its limitations

Neelesh Gupta, Mohammed Elkhazendar, Rajeev Gupta... PDF HTML; 157



Dipesh Patel, Umesh Dashora, Rebecca Reeve, Pratik Choudhary, Tim Robbins... PDF HTML; 158-168


ABCD Conference 2020 Abstracts