British Journal of Diabetes



Management of hyperglycaemia in type 2 diabetes: the 2018 consensus report by ADA/EASD Insights from one of the authors

Melanie J Davies … PDF HTML 137-140


Cardiovascular benefits and risks of testosterone replacement therapy in hypogonadal men with type 2 diabetes mellitus and/or the metabolic syndrome: a systematic review

Le Minh Quang, Atuk Kalhan … PDF HTML 141-146

Original research

Findings of a nationwide survey of the diabetes education and training needs of midwives in the UK

Umesh Dashora, Alban Davies Huw, Shelley Bennett, Anne Goodchild, Julia Hugason-Briem, Gail Johnson, Abigail Kitt, Annette Schreiner, Diane Todd, Jennifer Yiallorous … PDF HTML 147-153

Learning from practice

ENHIDE telehealth support for 148 disengaged young adults with type 1 diabetes: a pilot study – rationale and study design

Peter H Winocour, Andrew Solomon, Anne Currie, Dawn Hardy, Karen Moore-Haines, Claire Renshaw … PDF HTML 154-162

The best joint pharmacy and diabetes team initiative to improve insulin and prescribing safety in hospital 

Umesh Dashora, Mike Sampson, Erwin Castro, Debbie Stanisstreet, Christine Jones, Rowan Hillson … PDF HTML 163-166

Case reports

Diabulimia: an easily missed diagnosis? 

Carl David Leith van Heyningen, Karthikeyini Sujay Manoharan … PDF HTML 167-170

Position statements

Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD) position statement on the use of biosimilar insulin 

Vijay Jayagopal, Russell Drummond, Dinesh Nagi … PDF HTML 171-174


The 1st John Wales Memorial Lecture 2018: Delivering better diabetes care – it’s about time! 

Peter H Winocour … PDF HTML 175-178

Letters to the editor

How common is deep vein thrombosis in patients attending the diabetic foot clinic?

Shailesh Gohil, Marie-France Kong … PDF HTML 179

Meeting Reports

Impressions from EASD 2018 

Caroline Day … PDF HTML 180-182


ABCD and YDEF News 

Dinesh Nagi, Umesh Dashora, Rebecca Reeve, Tim Robbins … PDF HTML 183-188


Acknowledgement to BJD 2018 reviewers 

Marie-France Kong … PDF HTML 189