Title: Peripheral Neuropathy & Neuropathic Pain, Into the Light

Author: Gérard Said

Publisher: TFM Publishing 2015

ISBN: 1908986999


Professor Gérard Said, President of the European Neurological Society, one of the leading experts in peripheral neuropathy, has written this book in a clear and concise way, to act as a “handy reference book for doctors, nurses and patients as well”.

It aims to present the basics of peripheral neuropathy, focusing on its main causes and presentations. The glossary, at the start of the book, consists of the main terminology that the reader will come across, along with a brief explanation; the reader will find this useful when going through the book. Also, each chapter has a short introduction and a few summary points which comprise the main take-home messages. The first three chapters introduce the reader to the basic anatomy of the peripheral nervous system (PNS), the basic pathophysiological processes relating to neuropathy as well as an overview of the main manifestations of PNS disorders.

More relevant to the diabetes specialist, diabetic neuropathy is discussed extensively. The different types of peripheral diabetic neuropathy, including autonomic neuropathy, their main signs, symptoms and consequences (e.g. ulceration) are discussed. Furthermore, the differential diagnosis and management of these conditions is also described, which is particularly useful for the practising clinician keen to ensure that they are not missing something weird and wonderful. The different diagnostic modalities and the various treatments available are detailed at length.

Helpfully, case studies are included which highlight some of the challenges in the diagnosis and management of these individuals – some of whom can suffer with chronic excruciating pain – sometimes with suicide being the only way out.

Finally, neuropathic pain, one of the main challenges for patients and physicians, is reviewed. Particular emphasis is put on its management with pharmacological and non-pharmacological measures.

In summary, this is a well-structured book, which can act as a useful guide in everyday clinical practice and a reference for the clinician focusing on a topic that has a significant impact on our patients’ quality of life.

Dr Fainia K Kavvoura
Academic Clinical Lecturer and Honorary SpR in Diabetes and Endocrinology
Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism (OCDEM)
University of Oxford, Churchill Hospital, Headington, OX3 7LJ
Email: Twitter: @FainiaK









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